Rare Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Console To Go Up For Auction On March 2020

Some of you may not know this, but there was a time in video game history when former Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, Ken Kutaragi, designed and created “prototype” PlayStation consoles with Nintendo. Come March next year, one of last remaining “Nintendo PlayStation” prototype consoles will be going up for auction.


According to Polygon, the prototype console was bought up by a Terry Diebold, who says that he came across it in a blind auction when Advanta Corporation, a company he worked for, folded up. Outside of its box, the console sports an uninspiring square shape. The takeaway here, however, the cartridge slot situated at the top and the SNES-CD tray staring you right at the front.

You’ll also notice that as a Super Nintendo console at the time, the iconic SNES controller ports. And controller with the Sony PlayStation branding etched into its body. Oh, and before we forget, it should be mentioned that the console is also fully-functioning.

The Nintendo PlayStation console is scheduled to go on auction from 5 March 2020 to 7 March 2020 next year, while online bidding is set to begin a month earlier in February 2020. Of course, it shouldn’t surprise you that some people have already starting making under-the-table offers to Diebold for the console. With one particular individual from Norway having offered US$1.2 million (~RM4.95 million) to close the deal.

Diebold turned down the offer, meaning that those among you capable of affording this piece of gaming nostalgia can still do so.

(Source: Polygon, Kotaku // Image: Polygon)

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